Promotions for the new training year

As everybody is getting ready for the new training year, we have a list of promotions to the ranks of Cpl, FCpl and Sgt. Congratulations to all, and we hope you continue to do more within 8 Globemaster Squadron. Go the distance!

See Training for full list of Cadet Promotions.

Start of the New Training Year

We hope everybody had a nice summer, and are well rested and ready to begin the new training year! The 2021-2022 training year will start on Wednesday, September 22, 2021, and for cadets both new and old, a friendly reminder to regularly check your emails for updates.

We hope to see you all this coming training year, stay happy and healthy!

Week 6: Animation

The art and technology of animation are largely responsible for the plethora of digital entertainment we have access to today.

Steamboat Willie' Transformed Mickey Mouse From Failure to Champion

Building off of the Media Team’s animation workshop, go deeper in-depth in the field of animation here!

Source: Steamboat Willie image, Walt Disney Studios