Would You Rather 4: Part II

And now, we present the results of the second part of the WYR (Would You Rather) survey. Thank you to all who participated and sharing your feedback with us!

We think it’s awesome cadets were split between favouring polishing boots vs ironing your uniform! Because after all, putting together the whole package is what makes the grade. Keep it up cadets!

Would You Rather 4: Results Part I

We asked you which ones you liked better, and you picked. Now its time to see your results!

Who would have thought cadets favoured dodgeball over basketball? Tomorrow, we’ll publish the last half of the Would You Rather (WYR) survey results which includes polishing boots vs. ironing uniform! Stay tuned.

NEW! Cadet Spotlight Series

8 Globemaster proudly presents our new Cadet Spotlight Series. The Cadet Spotlight Series is designed to showcase the unique achievements and passions of our squadron inside and outside of the cadet program.

Our first feature is Sgt Li, Jacky! Sgt Li is an active member of his school community and is currently helping to organize the Toronto Zoo Minecraft Charity Contest. Watch to find out more!

Nominate your next candidate at: https://forms.gle/d2KZU9rhr4rKMGg88 

Effective Speaking Competition Winners

We have the honour to announce the first place winner of the 2020-2021 OPC Wing 3 Effective Speaking Competition who is from our very own 8 Globemaster Squadron! Congratulations to Sgt Wang who placed first, and as well to the 2nd and 3rd places from Sqn 351 and Sqn 140 respectively.

Sgt Wang is scheduled to represent 8 Globemaster Squadron on April 24, 2021, to compete in the OPC Provincial Competition.

H&W: Easter Yums

Eating is an important part of our lives and we must eat the right foods to feel the best that we can. Easter has an unfortunate reputation for being all about chocolate when in reality, there are plenty of healthier Easter food options!

A few examples include breakfast eggs, homemade hot cross buns, stuffed leg of lamb, potato kugel, etc. Make sure you eat full meals in addition to the (occasional) chocolates!

What will you be cooking this Easter? Let us know at the Health and Wellness Google Classroom!