National Air Force Museum of Canada

Are you interested in aviation? Or maybe Canada’s Air Force? Here’s a link for you.  The National Air Force Museum of Canada’s website has different areas where you can go to learn more about aviation, view photos, learn about aviation history, and view interviews from workers at the museum. There’s a lot of interesting information in the website, so make sure to check it out!

Health and Wellness Guest Speaker: St. John’s Ambulance

Kicking off Health and Wellness Club’s First Aid and emergency preparedness series, they proudly present Laurie Hewlett from St John’s Ambulance as a guest speaker on Wednesday, January 27 at 1830 (before Flight Time). Ms. Hewlett’s has been an Instructor with St John’s Ambulance for just over 31 years and currently teaches the York Region Police. Ms. Hewlett’s favourite responsibility at St John is mentoring new instructors – teaching an individual how to save a loved one’s life is the most rewarding job anyone can ever do! More information can be found on the H&W club’s Google Classroom.

Virtual Tour & Learning: Pharaoh Ramses VI’s Tomb

Virtual training and lockdown may be preventing us from going outside, but with the technology in this day and age there aren’t a lot of places that we can’t go. For history lovers, check out the link here to a virtual tour of Pharaoh Rameses VI’s tomb. You can take a look around, and unlike a real tour, you can go anywhere within just a click! 

Health and Wellness Club: Guest Speaker

Health and Wellness club has invited Stewart Kellock MOM CStJ CD as a guest speaker for our second meeting on Saturday, January 23 at 1500 hrs. Having served over 32 years in the Toronto Police service, Captain Kellock is one of the country’s most decorated officers. He has been appointed by the United Nations as the first Canadian Chief of Investigations in Kosovo and he has served in the New York City – Anti-Terrorist and Intelligence Divisions in the aftermath of 9/11. (See detailed biography) Join us as he shares with us his unique experience! 

If you are interested in attending this workshop, please complete this form

More details are available on the google classroom (see Training page for link)

Virtual Tour & Learning: McMichael Art Gallery

The McMichael Art Gallery has many pieces of artwork that embody Canada as a country, and can help you learn more about Canada and our history. During the pandemic, they have been offering virtual tours every Sunday! Click the link here to learn more about the tours, register for them, and learn more about their exhibits and check out their e-museum. 

Health & Wellness Club: First Meeting!

The Health and Wellness Club (formerly First Aid Club) held their first session this Saturday, January 9 at 1500hrs. Thank you to those who attended their “New Year, New Me” workshop lead by FSgt Williams. Attendees learned mindful breathing, simple ways to practice gratitude, and set SMART goals to make 2021 their year!

Holiday Party Followup

It was a successful online squadron-wide winter holiday party! The 8 Globemaster Holiday Party took place on Sunday, December 13th, from 1700 to 1920 hours. Cadets participated in interactive games such as Pictionary and a fun “Grinch Imposter Mystery” activity where cadets worked together to find out who was the true Santa, and who was the Grinch that impersonated Santa. Thank you to everyone who joined us in this fun event, and we hope to see everybody at more!

Virtual Tour & Learning: Smithsonian

To add to our list of virtual tours, here you’ll find some from the Smithsonian! It includes tours of current exhibits, both permanent and temporary, as well as past ones, you’ll find narrated tours that describe the exhibit, and more. Click the link here to learn more. The rest of the website also provides a lot of information for history lovers!

Virtual Tour & Learning: 3D sites world

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go back in time and live as somebody in the past? Well, we can’t transport you back to the past, but we can make your surroundings look like it. Click the link here to go to a Virtual Ancient Cities website, where you can click through different ancient cities and learn about what they looked like- in 3D. 

Youth Innovation Award: Have You Made A Difference?

Weston Youth Innovation Award recognizes and honours young Canadian innovators who are making a difference using science and/or technology for developing creative and innovative ideas aimed at solving real-world problems. It provides students aged 14 to 18 a unique way to share their ideas to a much larger audience! Interested? Why not tell us about your accomplishments? You could be the next Weston Youth Innovation Award winner.

This year’s prizes range from: 
$15,000 first-place prize
$8,500 second-place prize
$3,500 each for up to three additional finalists
Your project will also be featured in an Ontario Science Centre exhibit.

For more information: visit the Ontario Science Centre. The deadline for submitting your application is Friday, February 12, 2021.