Citizenship: Canada’s History – D-Day

D-Day marks a turning point for World War II, and to Canada it is just as significant as it is to many other countries around the world who were a part of the second world war.

To learn about the contributions and sacrifices that soldiers in the past made for our peace and safety, go to the link here to view a short video about D-Day, and the impact it made on Canadians. 



Winter Photo Contest Winners!

The Media Team is appreciative of all who entered this year’s Winter Photo Contest, and helped capture the beauty of our Canadian winter. Special thank you to MT lead photographer Sgt Larionova, the CCT,  staff and SSC who helped with the judging process. We were blown away by the photographic talent of 8 Globemaster’s very own.

A drumroll please… we are ecstatic to announce the winners of the Winter Photo Contest!

You can view all submissions here.

Citizenship: Canada’s History – Viola Desmond

While Canada has been known to be a country that has been welcoming to people of all races, it is also important to acknowledge that we are not perfect and we still have things to change. It’s people like Viola Desmond from the past who can help influence the future. 

To learn more about Viola Desmond, her story, and what makes her special, check out the heritage minute about her here.



Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

Select cadets visited the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC  on the squadron March Break trip a few years back.  Spot anyone you know?

Their website features virtual tours on the wonders of aviation and aerospace, featured stories and articles covering topics ranging from life in an extraterrestrial climate, missions, and history-changing contributions of African Americans in flight and space exploration! 

There are virtual events free to attend, including live chats with an astronaut! Check out their next events:

Our Wishes of Love and Support

This Valentine’s Day, cadets shared their positive thoughts and actions of love and support with the squadron. In Flights, we compiled uplifting care wishes for all members of the community and essential workers.

Happy Valentine’s Day from 8 Globemaster!

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